Android Question [ANSWERED] Label.text in a Scrollview problem


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Ok this is a head-banging-on-the-keyboard moment.

The problem here appears to be a simple thing to do, but, after a number of searches I've decided to ask ... the dumb question is :- - - -

In the attached test project [], extracted from a main project, I want to fill a label.text with text looked up from a utility module. The intended text is assigned as the log message shows, on return from the utility. The text is nominated from the press of a button in the next screen from the landing screen. Then a new screen is presented which has a SCROLLVIEW in it. In the layout there is also a LABEL (underneath the scrollview in the layout). [[ NOTE only the first two buttons are active in the selection panel / screen.]]

The label.text is initially empty {when set up in the designer}.

So, if the text were to be successfully assigned to the label.text, then, I want it to appear linked into the scrollview so that when its too big for the {hopefully visible} label, it can be scrolled by the user reading it.

I found one posting by @klaus in 2016 which I thought would do it, {well it looked pretty simple enough there} and followed that, BUT still something eludes me. I guess you will all realise this isn't the 'rocket science' part B4x - but, its been frustrating BIG BLANK at this staage.

Pointers to solutions welcomed ...... thanks in advance.


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Aisha , @LucaMs, Many many THANKs :D Amazing how just simple things can bog one down and just go blank.:D I see that perhaps I got 'just that far' and then the final twist of logic just clear escaped me. Your changes reflect what I saw in Klaus's posting but I obviously just didn't get it.

There isn't an emoticon here for : How embarrassing was that! Maybe its this one :rolleyes:.

Loved the amazing brevity of your explanatory text :
is pure investigative journalism ......
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