Android Question App without Starter service - is it not a default service module ?


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On multi pages app example Multi page B4XPages example there is only four modules, Main, B4XMainPage + Page2 + Page3 class module
Where is Starter service?
I thought the Starter module was indispensable, the entry point of the program, wasn't it?
In the example above, having to receive push notifications and sms, where to enter the code to initialize the required services (FirebaseMessage and Sms) ?
On Main module?


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Good question. I like to know, too.

Create new b4a project with all 3 types (B4xTurtles, b4xpages and x2 game) and they do not include starter service. Default is the only one that includes it.

Update: I was wrong. It shows starter service in module tab but not the ide tab. That is annoying. it should show in the ide tab. Also, the example you mentioned does have a starter service. Check the module tab.

Probably encouraging us not to use starter service with b4xpages?
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