Share My Creation Application on Microsoft Store

Happy to share that we have our first app accepted on the Microsoft Store: SQI Test and Report

SQI Test and Report

The whole process was quite simple and straight forward:
- build your app in B4J
- use B4J integrated packager to produce the app installation Setup
- include this installation Setup (exe file) to produce your MSIX package
- submit your MSIX packaged app to Microsoft Store (given you already have a Developer account).
- there will be some questions you might have to answer ref: app certification stage, that you have to solve by explaining why your app needs those capabilities.

Application is making use of a dual temperature meter handheld device that is sending its data over BLE, to produce Steam Quality Test Reports.

For the receiving side on the PC machine had to write code for a nRF52840 dongle to get the advertising data at a faster pace than the PC integrated BT module or a BT dongle.