Android Question AS SegmentedTab Scrolling problem

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Hi Alexander,
First of all thanks again for helping me out
I like your approach about learning myself & followed your instruction step by step, but still my AS SegmentedTab is not scrollable
As per your guideline i am making this new thread. I will be really thankful if this issue gets resolved

I am again attaching my project for reference


Ulhas Rane


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Alexander Stolte

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make sure you have set the anchor to both sides:

The same on your xCustomListView.
Set the "Divider Height" to 0 and set the "List Orientation" to "Horizontal.
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Hello Alexander,

You are superhero, You saved my measurable life since from last 10 days i am trying to resolve by my own unsuccessfully.
With your step by step guide finally it worked. Today is only day i will sleep well.

Once again thank you for helping me out, And at the same time Thank you Erel for making and keeping this forum alive and of cousre for giving us B4A, It is so simple that i learned it in 2 hours not master but at list i have that confidence that i can make app

Thanks again,


Ulhas Rane
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