Android Question AVD and Keyboard

Marcos Alves

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Hello all,

In the current AVD versions in B4A the PC keyboard isn't captured anymore and the Virtual Device requires that the mouse is used to type the text. I remember that in past versions it was possible to choose if the PC keyboard is captured by AVD or not, but in couldn't find this option in B4A anymore.
Is it still possible to enable that? It's very hard to type a big text in AVD using the computer mouse emulating touch action on the virtual keyboard...

Thanks community! 🙏

Jorge M A

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Have you tried creating a new device?
The option to use the PC keyboard when creating a new device was already enabled in previous versions, I don't remember which number.
In case you are using a previously created virtual device, you can edit the hardware-qemu.ini file and include or modify the key: hw.keyboard = true
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