1. GeoT

    Android Question VM acceleration on Windows with Intel processors for AVD emulator starting with SDK33

    When using the B4A ADB Manager (Tools/Run AVD Manager) You must know that the Android Emulator Hypervisor Driver (AEHD) replaces Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM) starting with SDK version 33. (C:\Android\platforms\android-33\android.jar) "Starting with emulator 33.x.x.x, HAXM...
  2. TelKel81

    Android Question Command line to directly launch AVD ?

    Instead of having to start AVD Manager... I searched the forums but haven't found answer.
  3. Marcos Alves

    Android Question AVD and Keyboard

    Hello all, In the current AVD versions in B4A the PC keyboard isn't captured anymore and the Virtual Device requires that the mouse is used to type the text. I remember that in past versions it was possible to choose if the PC keyboard is captured by AVD or not, but in couldn't find this...
  4. Sagenut

    Android Tutorial How to create more Instances of the same AVD Emulator

    Maybe this info can be useful to someone. Normally from B4A AVD Manager it's not possible to start more instances of the same AVD normally. We get a Warning that executing many times the same machine is an experimental feature and we need to modify some parameter (I did not tried it). And it's...
  5. Jack Cole

    Android Question Can't create Wear AVD

    I've been trying to create a Wear AVD without luck. I first tried to create one for Platform 28. I got an error message that I needed the 64 bit version for API 28+. I couldn't see that available for download in the SDK manager. Then I downloaded the Platform 26 version of Android Wear with...
  6. Scotter

    Android Question Can use Android Studio AVD Virtual Device Emulator?

    Can I use the AVD Virtual Device Emulator that comes with Android Studio? B4A-Bridge stopped working for me. I was able to get Android Studio's emulator running. But is it possible to connect to it from B4A? I don't see where (if possible) to get an IP address from the AVD Virtual Device...
  7. peacemaker

    Android Tutorial AMD Ryzen processor & Android emulator AVD

    If you have modern processor from AMD (Ryzen) - x86-variants of AVD cannot work by default. Android emulator now requires the processors with a virtualization only. By default Intel processors are supported, but HAXM software for Intel is required also to be installed. But Windows 10 (even...
  8. I

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Problem to crete Android 9 (28) AVDs

    Hi guys, I have some trouble creating this emulator to test my app. Erel has released version 3.30 of the SDK Manager. I tried to create the image, but when it runs after some minutes the home screen does not appear. I use B4A vers. 8.5 and java jdk1.8.0_171 Thanks for your help. IlCasti
  9. I

    Italian Creare Android 9 (28) AVDs

    Ciao ragazzi, ho qualche problema nel creare questo emulatore per testare la mia app. Erel ha rilasciato la versione 3.30 dell'Sdk Manager, ho provato a creare l'immagine, ma quando l'avvio, arriva ad un certo punto che si blocca e non mostra nessun avanzamento senza quindi arrivare alla home...
  10. Sagenut

    Android Question Android 28 Emulator Error - Does not start

    Hi. I have installed the new SDK Manager 3.29 Downloaded the new Android 28 Image, same as all previous Android Versions. The image is correctly detected and let me create a new AVD using the Android 28 Image. But when trying to launch it: Can this be related to the Google Emulator Engine...
  11. Sagenut

    Other [SOLVED] Enable Hardware Keyboard in AVD

    Hi! I am trying to enable Hardware Keyboard in AVD created with B4A SDK Manager. By Default it does not work. I tried to modify the hw.keyboard = false in hw.keyboard = true in the config.ini of the emulator files but it still does not work. Is it possible to enable it or the function it's not...
  12. Sagenut

    Wish [SOLVED] AVD Tablets Templates

    I have been searching in the forum but it looks that no one still asked for this. What about the idea of adding even some Tablets Templates to the AVD Manager? 7, 8 and 10 Inches. Or maybe just 8 and 10 Inches. Could it be a good idea to open a Poll on this request?
  13. Sagenut

    Other [SOLVED] Error with AVD Manager Android 8.1

    Hi Everyone. I am having problems trying to execute Emulator with Android 8.1 Image. I downloaded everything, or at least I think so: This is the message I get when trying to execute 8.1 Emulator: I can execute 8.00 Emulator Image without problems. I also have a problem executing Android...