Android Question B4A - Bluetooth HC 06 connect with Arduino without B4R


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I have a question about the bluetooth connection.
I know that here are guides on how to connect arduino with a bluetooth module, but all in the B4R program.

However, I have the entire script written in the Arduino IDE, it is very extensive.
It would take a long time for me to transform it into the B4R program.

Unfortunately, I do not have enough time, because I wanted to make an application for my engineering project which I will have to give soon and I would like the application to work.

There are a lot of functions there, for example with LEDs that I don't want to control through the application.
I want to control only the selection of keys on the keyboard (which then control the relays)

My question is it possible to do this connection without B4R and how it goes how?
If I can not do it without the B4R program, I to give up

Thank you for all the answers that will appear.