Android Question B4A FTP over Explicit TLS


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Hello dear community, I've been researching on several threads and I still can't find the answer. I want to tell you that I am used to developing in VB.NET but I am a beginner with B4A. so the question is:

Is there a library available to manage FTP over explicit TLS. If so, can I have an example of these functions and a download link for the library.

I am willing to pay if it is a good tool.

Thanks in advance to all the community.




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Thank you Erel

This was due to the fact that I was not calling the functions in the correct order.

My correction :

1. Ftp.initialize
2. Use.passivemode
3. Start.ssl
4. Customtrustmanager.acceptall

And it work properly.

Thanks for this many tutorials.

Good job no joke I ❤️ B4X. 😁
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