Bug? B4A IDE, Object reference error


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If I launch 10.2 B4A, set either release mode or debug mode, connect to a B4A-Bridge (2.62) on an LG-H872 (G6), and hit connect button in the Logs area, it gives the error below. No project loaded or created, thus no code showing.

If (w/o closing IDE) I open a project that has #bridgelogger, in release mode, or any project in debug mode, or create a new default project and while in debug mode, then (f2) connect, then the filtered and unfiltered logging display works as expected. If I close the project, the logging stays working.

So, to summarize, without a project created/loaded, the connect button (or filter uncheck/check) gives the error. Something isn't initialized in the logging until a project is created or loaded.

here's the error displayed

I would like to be able to have a B4A IDE open to monitor a device log, but without code/project loaded. A workaround is to create a default project, or load such a previously created default project, and then close it. Another workaround is to connect later (soon enough after some event) to see if what you wanted was captured but not lost when the log aged.

This avoids little fingers or paws from unintentional code changes... (2 year olds are fast)


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I don't think this is possible. The Connect button tries to connect to the logs on the device of the program loaded in the IDE. No program and it doesn't know what to connect to - hence the error, though I guess it is a 'feature' that should be trapped in the IDE and a better message provided to the user.