Android Question b4a in ubuntu 18.04 64bit


I install B4A on windows_10 System and it run perfectly, but i work on ubuntu 18.04.
I trying to install b4A on 2 pc with ubuntu 18.04 64 bit and i found 2 links :
and other link
After several tests i can compile a project ... COOL. But i would like to use the WYSYSG Designer function but I get the following error :
'adb.exe F 10-25 ....... 199 200 sysdeps_win32CPP: 2743] _wenviron is not set, did you link with-municode?' redémarrer ADB pourrait resoudre le problème

Also for the first link the bat script doesn't seem up to date.

I look my hardware : intel virtualisation is enable.

My path into 2nd attachement.

Do you have a suggestion?
Thank you in advance.


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