Android Tutorial Run B4A in Ubuntu 19.04

1) sudo apt install -y wine winetricks

2) winetricks dotnet452

3) wine B4A.exe
Screenshot from 2020-02-22 22-40-04.png

4) winetricks
install windows DLL or component
Screenshot from 2020-02-22 22-33-34.png

5) right click icon B4A "Allow Launching"
Screenshot from 2020-02-22 22-44-46.png

6) Download OpenJDK 11

7) Extract file in /home/(user)/.wine/drive_c/JAVA

8) Click icon B4A to run program

Screenshot from 2020-02-22 22-20-04.png

9) config path to javac.exe

Screenshot from 2020-02-22 22-51-35.png

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After trying to run version 6 of wine without success, I downgraded to version 4.0.4 and ran B4A successfully with the libraries suggested at the beginning of the Post. I used dotNET 4.5.2 Offline downloaded from the microsft website.


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Hi everyone, Anyone has been sucessfull with wine and ubuntu 21.04 ? And how to install Android SDK ?


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Can anyone help me with the adb connection on B4A over Ubuntu Linux 20.04 ?
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