Beta B4A v5.0 BETA has been released!

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The first beta version of B4A v5.0 is now available for download.

Beta testers should receive an email with the download link.
Licensed developers that wish to join the beta testers are welcomed:



With this version we are moving to the next generation of B4X IDE. Almost all of the IDE components, both back-end and front-end components, were rewritten.

The new IDE is significantly more powerful, smarter, more modern and more scalable.

There are too many improvements to list them all.

Some of less obvious new features:

- Press on Ctrl + Click to jump to an identifier (sub, variables, etc.).
- Themes - Ctrl + T
- Sophisticated conditional compilation: #If, #Else If, #Else and support for OR and AND. Also supported in the manifest editor and designer scripts.
- Dockable layout. Including support for multiple open editors.
- Find all references - F7.
- Quick search - Ctrl + F.
- Goto sub / module - Ctrl + E.
- Smarter autocomplete.
- Hover over variables and expressions in debug mode.
- Structure matching.
- Automatic warnings and errors highlighting.
- Support for multiple visual designer windows
- Better support for selection and editing of multiple controls.
- Views tree supports drag and drop to allow changing the z-order.
- Integrated abstract designer with support for zooming.
- Memory leak related to layout animations was fixed.
- StartServiceAtExact keyword.

The following features are currently not implemented (they might be added in the future):
- Printing
- B4A-Bridge over Bluetooth.
- Bookmarks (not to confuse with breakpoints).


- Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0+ is required. If you are running Windows XP then you should install .Net Framework 4.0:

- Developers running Vista or above should install .Net Framework 4.5.2:
It is important to install the latest version as it includes important fixes. Some of the optimizations will be disabled with older versions.

This is a beta version of a new IDE. Please make sure to backup any important project before opening it with the new IDE. You can install this IDE together with a previous version (install it to a different folder).

Please post any issues you encounter in a new thread in questions forum with the Beta thread prefix.
Don't post issues / bugs in this thread.

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