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I'm happy to release B4i v4.01. This update includes the new resumable subs language feature.
The resumable subs feature is a very important feature which dramatically simplifies the management of asynchronous tasks.

  • Resumable subs - Wait For / Sleep: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/resumable-subs-sleep-wait-for.78601/#post-498072
    [B4X] SQL with Wait For
    [B4X] OkHttpUtils2 with Wait For


    Complete code:
    Sub btn_Click
      Dim b As Button = Sender
      For i = 10 To 0 Step - 1
      b.Text = i
      b.Text = "Takeoff!"
    End Sub
  • CSBuilder - Builder for attributed strings. Similar to B4A CSBuilder: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/csbuilder-attributedstrings-builder.79153/


  • Debugger improvements:
    • Better handling of multiple installed debug apps.
    • Bug fixes and better logging.
    • Deployment process improved. Auto installation is now the default.
    • SetDebugAutoFlushLogs keyword. When enabled a short pause is added in debug mode when internal logs are printed. This is useful for debugging hard crashes.
  • Find all references - Finds usages in layout files and CallSub calls.
  • Symbols renaming based on Find all references feature: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/first-refactoring-feature.77122/#content
  • Replace from Quick Search (ctrl + F) results.
  • Icon Picker - Filter results, name tooltips and search by hex value.
  • Auto discovery - The IDE finds devices running B4i-Bridge app automatically:


  • Font.CreateMaterialIcons / CreateFontAwesome methods.
  • iNetwork library was updated with fixes related to handling of UDP packets.
  • Label / TextView / TextField.AttributedText property. Works together with CSBuilder.
  • Page.TitleView - Allows to replace the page title with a custom view (such as a label with attributed string).
  • TextView_LinkClick event. Links are created with CSBuilder.
  • Other bug fixes and minor improvements.
Note that B4i-Bridge should be updated (Tools - Build Server - Build B4i Bridge app).
Users who are eligible for a free upgrade will receive an email with installation instructions.

Edit: v4.01 was released. It fixes an issue with try / catch blocks inside resumable subs.
You can use the same link as before to download it. Contact [email protected] if needed.
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Daniel Uribe

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Just a little question, when i run for test the app (debug mode), bridge launch the app Instantaneously, all ok, but when i stop the debug and return to bridge, launch again the app on debug mode waiting for IDE to connect, It would seem when bridge is activate after a debug, was set to run again the app for test. Only to improve if this happens.

Great great work!
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Daniel Uribe

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if i press stop the app close and return to bridge, but go to back to launch app (developing), Should stay in debug. Maybe this just happens to me..

When this happen only i delete de app (testing) and run again the bridge. Anyway this just perfect!
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