Other B4i v5.81 has been released


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As always I'm happy to release a new version :)

This update includes many IDE improvements as well as other improvements:

  • Bookmarks and breakpoints are listed in the modules tree:

  • Auto bookmarks feature:

    • Recent code positions and designer layouts appear as tabs in the window title.
    • The IDE decides on the list of tabs based on several factors (recency, modifications and others).
    • The list is saved together with the project and restored when the project is loaded.
  • Auto backup improvements:
    • Project is saved before backup, based on the auto save option.
    • Project name added to the backup file.
    • The project folder is configurable (AutoBackupFolder in the ini file).
  • Warning for unused parameters in private, non-event, subs.
  • Additional library folder can be configured with a B4X folder for cross platform libraries: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-additional-libraries-folder.103165/
  • #Event declarations appear in the autocomplete list.
  • Ctrl + Click on layout files from the code:


  • Fix for a long standing issue that caused scope changes of global variables to not always be detected.
  • Compilation performance improvements.
  • TextView / TextField SpellChecking property.
  • Default launch images for iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR were added.
  • #CertificateFile attribute supports absolute paths.
  • Debugger improvements.
  • Simulator builds with the hosted builder (Tools - Build Server - Build Simulator Release App).
    The simulator requires a Mac computer. With this improvement, developers using the hosted builder can make a simulator build, download it and then run it on an online service such as https://appetize.io/ or on any accessible Mac.
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.
Developers who are eligible for a free upgrade will receive an email with installation instructions. Other developers will receive an email with a renewal offer.

Update: v5.81 was released. It is available from the same link as before. It fixes the issues related to the search feature.
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Can you check it when i use b4i v5.5 is work ok on windows XP 64bit but with 5.81 when install they said not valid 32bit application???
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