B4J Question B4J 4.70+ and Microsoft XP


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Hi all,

it is along time since I last fired up my XP SP3 so I'm not 100% sure, but I recall having B4J 4.70 running on it. Now, even adding a simple Log line to the standard project skeleton I am prompted with the error:

Compiling generated Java code.  Error

Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for 1048576KB object heap
This happens both for UI and non-UI applications compiling.

A few more detail about my installation
CPU: Intel® Atom™ 330 1.6GHz (Dual core)
Total RAM: 2GB
OS: Microsoft XP SP3
Java jdk: 1.8.74
B4J: 4.70

So, my questions are: which are the minimum requirements for proper installation and use of B4J? Is there a B4J release starting with my hw/sw config is expected to fail?




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However Java 8 is not official supported on Windows XP so you may encounter other issues.
Thanks. I am aware of that, but I'd like to keep this old PC running as long as possible before turning it to a Linux-box.

Any idea why my config used to work a few months ago? Could it be that B4J 4.20 worked with MaxRamForDex=1024 and I never launched a compiling action since 4.70 installation?

ps: setting MaxRamForDex to 512 let the compiler finish its work.