Other B4J v8.30 is available for download


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I'm happy to release B4J v8.30.
Download here: https://www.b4x.com/b4j.html


  • Support for Java 14. As with Java 11, B4J expects a specific structure. You should download this package (OpenJDK 14 + OpenJFX 14): https://b4xfiles-4c17.kxcdn.com/jdk-14.0.1.zip
  • Build standalone package - B4JPackager11 is now integrated in the IDE. This makes it simpler to build standalone packages: Integrated B4JPackager11.
  • Add new module - Option to add the new module to the parent folder. This is useful in cross platform projects where the modules are shared between the different platforms.
  • Fix for a design issue that existed since B4A v1.0 where in some cases assignment of an object to a variable can also change other variables that point to the same "wrapper".
  • New warning:
    "Comparison of Object to other types will fail if exact types do not match.
    Better to put the object on the right side of the comparison. (warning #35)"
    See this post for more information: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...-is-available-for-download.117877/post-737515.
  • Several debugger fixes.
  • New "contribute" menu item.
  • Current selected line, in the search results and other syntax colored lists, is displayed.
  • B4XTurtle and BCTextEngine are now internal libraries.
  • Latest versions of all internal libraries are included.
  • Other bug fixes and minor IDE improvements.