B4J Question B4j 7.32 Map error

Discussion in 'B4J Questions' started by prajinpraveen, May 13, 2019.

  1. prajinpraveen

    prajinpraveen Member Licensed User

    7.32 does not like map.put(key:value) forces to change to map.put(key,value)
    is there any work around. I have hundreds of maps in the project.
  2. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    How do you think it is not supported?

    Using the Map Object you always have to use key comma value. Even in the past.

    The : is ONLY available in the CreateMap command.
  3. prajinpraveen

    prajinpraveen Member Licensed User

    You are correct @DonManfred . i have used map like this, my mistake. V 7.31 didnt complain about this.

    Dim temp As Map
  4. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    It was actually a bug in previous versions that allowed this syntax.

    However you should really use CreateMap:
    Dim temp As Map = CreateMap("test""value")
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  5. prajinpraveen

    prajinpraveen Member Licensed User

  6. Didier9

    Didier9 Active Member Licensed User

    When I have large source files to edit for syntax changes similar to what you are facing, I like to use TextPad, a text editor that has powerful search and replace feature using regular expressions.
    I import the source code into Textpad, revise it and copy it back into the IDE.
    I believe there is a free demo version of Textpad. I personally bought it because I use it a lot (I make no money off it, I am just a happy customer.)
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