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    As a helper to get started with B4J, some classical HelloWorld type of apps.
    B4J offers many solutions in the way an app(lication) can be developed.

    Status: 20150502

    Below examples showing HelloWorld :)

    UI App showing a Form which layout is designed using the Designer e.g. JavaFX SceneBuilder.

    UI showing a second Form to display the HelloWorld message when clicking on a button at the mainform.

    UI App showing a Form which layout is designed using code.

    UI showing a message dialog using Inline Java.

    NonUI App displaying HelloWorld to the console.

    NonUI App displaying an UI Frame using Inline Java.

    NonUI App displaying an UI Swing Dialog using Inline Java.

    Web based App showing HelloWorld and a button which display an JavaScript Alert Box.
    Access using webbrowser with url and port like localhost:51042.

    Additional Notes
    * Requires B4J v2.8 or higher, Additional Libraries: javaobject
    * To learn more, have a look at the B4J HowTos

    Unpack the zip file, select a folder and load the B4J project in the IDE.


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    Update 20150502 - Post #1 lists all the examples.
    UPD: NonUI
    NEW: NonUIwithJFrame
    The last two examples came to mind when looking for B4J based UI apps running on a Raspberry Pi which do not use JavaFX (as these run in full screen with poor performance). This is an alternative way. Tested those and also more complex JFrame Forms - good results on a Raspberry Pi 2. Was fun exploring this option.
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