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This is a classic astrology application. Unfortunately everything is in Spanish (It is an adaptation of an application in Access that I did in 1995).

Desaroollar astrology software is a good way to learn programming languages. This application needs time zones, Internet access, databases, graphics ... Almost everything.

- Search Geographic coordinates on the Internet.
- Calculations and graphs.
- It can look for interpretations of signs, houses and transits from a web site. But it can be easily modified to look for interpretations in local text files or sq databases.

Source code ZIP too much large for forum. Dwnload from Google Drive:

Sorry my english.

Esta es una aplicación de astrología clásica. Lamentablemente todo está en español (Es una adaptación de una aplicación en Access que realicé en 1995).

Desaroollar software de astrología es una buena manera de aprender lenguajes de programación. En esta aplicación utilizo zonas horarias, acceso a Internet, bases de datos, gráficos... Casi todo.

- Busca Coordenadas geográficas en Internet.
- Cálculos y gráficos.
- Puede buscar interpretaciones de signos, casas y tránsitos en Internet. . Pero se puede modificar facilmente para buscar interpretaciones en ficheros locales de texto o bases sql.

Fichero ZIP demasiado grande para el foro. Descargar de Google Drive


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Arturo Gonzalez-Mata

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I use Swiss Ephemeris Library. Despite being a utility for astrology Swiss Ehemeris library has a very complete set of astronomical routines. You can make calculations with the Moshier ephemerides and JPL. The Java version works well with B4A and B4J.

it can calculate planets, minor planets, asteroids, planetary phenomena, rissings, settings, stars, heliacal rising, magnitude limit for visib¡lity...
(and of course houses, transits, ayanamsa...)

Its free for GNU applications. Commercial apps need professional license.

Arturo Gonzalez-Mata

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My fault. astrokelt.sqlite must be in objects dir, but forum doesn't allow so big files. Most of the information in it is not used in this version. I shall put a link to google drive with a fixed zip.

Thank you for your patience.

I have b4a version for a course of an association. I must make some minor changes for distribute the source code at GNU license to prevent copyright infringement of some text. Give me a few days.


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Hi Arturo. I can not get it to work. The first thing is that I get an error in all references to NumericTextField. I see there are more errors, like the references to swe0.

Hola Arturo. No consigo que funcione. Lo primero es que me da error en todas las referencias a NumericTextField. Veo que hay más errores, como las referencias a swe0.