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After many many iOS, Android, Desktop applications I wrote using the BEST tool B4X I decided to try to dive into the www. My knowledge was very weak in this area so i took a course and i love it. I learn lots of new stuff like HTML, CSS, js, node.js, react, jquery, and much much more.

but I guess because my blood type is B+ I always think about how to do this in b4x so after creating my first WebApp using node.js and run it successfully on my Raspberry Pi i made my first B4J Webapp and I love it much much more. It's awesome that you can code with a familiar language for web applications.

I was waiting for a long time for the announcement from @Erel about B4W and I did not realize that it was already here behind the corner. B4J is the b4w that I was looking for.
As a developer, you know how important it is to have your app connected to a website. at least for some project it is for me and now I can do it and I love it!!

I already ordered the new RP 4 and I hope to make many many web apps using b4j.

ok, enough talking, so my first web application is the SIMON game. There is not much to explain about it so have a look at the video :)

if you want to support me and see more projects coming, you can have the whole project source-code for only 6$
(normally I post sources for free but I need to get the investment back for my RP-4 to keep making many b4j web apps 😁)

thank you Erel for the wonderful B4X!! 🙂

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This is beautiful. We have all underestimated this Beast @Erel created called B4X. Am also motivated to take a look at B4J WebApp, BaNano, ABMaterial
To fully utilize its potential is like using 100% of your Brain computing power

Thank you Erel