Share My Creation MYDATA ( - gsis) my Digital Accounting and Tax Application SendInvoices

MYDATA ( - gsis) my Digital Accounting and Tax Application SendInvoices

Well the Greek Members already know what mean that for them (if had Invoice Apps, ERPs.. etc)...

The other guys can read here what means and why exactly needed for their ERPs, CLOUD ERP softwares gonna sell to Greek-Greece
Is the new laws of our IRS (Tax Organization/Ministry of Economics) from 2018 - that is a "MUST" (must do it at least) for a working Invoice Application.
Read here:


So that Application (sendinvoice) - I include the code - not creating the xml files needed - but sending one by one at MYDATA automatically - checking every some ms at specific day/month/3 months/realtime-interval... If there is a problem at XML - informing user with notification - keep logs - so must edit manually or from his ERP solution the outputed xml...

You can install it anywhere at your system and edit mydata.ini (from tray icon-"Αλλαγή Επιλογών" or go from explorer/notepad)...
You can take username-password-ikey from if you have greek company/businerss or extra vat no of a greek business...
then edit mydata.ini with the folder of outputed xml's, username, password, ikey-secret key, the interval ms... the time of sendining xmls...

The messages are greek - but are few... so will be easy translate them...

ps: The way creating XMLs needed explained at - at the first link of top at this post... many examples but need a lot of reading... and many many tries because they are thousands of combinations and our TAX laws in Greece are insane... :-(

Need to know some things !

You can support me if you want... the code is free to use it...
It is a very good EXAMPLE how to send xml - receive XML responses - read them and take decisions....


You can download the EXE (x64) or jar (x86) for this link - for those needed ready:
- DO NOT Forget - if used for "production" to change the links (of mydata aade) as #2 Post
- Edit mydata.ini with your credentials at MyData
- Make your APP save generated xml at your folder for ex. c:/your_app_folder/sendxml and then edit "path" at mydata.ini c:/your_app_folder (no need to include sendxml)


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