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I can not find the offline map app for B4J, therefore I make a little app for it.
The app is not perfect but it is at least the beginning.
Thank you "Erel", "oparra" and "emexes" for your advices here:
and here:

The app uses jgw file with coordinates EPSG:4326 WGS 84.
You can use jpg/jgw raster map world file format.
You can also draw points, polylines and polygons on the canvas above the raster. I do not know the canvas limitations.
You can change w.jpg and w.jgw and use your own jpg and jgw.
Use also your own info txt file.
You can use mouse button for pan and mouse wheel for zoom. Max zoom is limited.



The project is attached as zip file.

Please send to me some tips about similar apps for B4J.
Please send to me also some advices how to make better offline map app for B4J.


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