Share My Creation [B4J] Upload a File at GoogleDrive (and re-upload) - works for 2023 - 0$

Hi there...

It is not my source code but is my way to give a sample how you will use right the code... because i felt too "dumb" when i ve tried to use ready examples...

This is working good only for "DESKTOPs" (for sure at Windows) - to make it work at other platforms may be need more configuration at Google Console (API) - specify that will use it at Android and put your SHA... i think desktop is easier the setup..

1) So first you need to setup/create a new Project if not have and Enable the right API (Google Drive API) at Google Console...
2) Create OAuth2 client ID, Application type: Desktop, give a name... and you will get client ID / Secret
3) put those at my sample-app and run it... check at every button click your google drive files... and you will see the magic :)


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Code I used: from fredo, mw71, Erel

If you are licensed member you can download it from here !
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