Other B4J v4.50 BETA is available for download


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New features and improvements:

  • Many improvements to the IDE docking framework, especially with floating documents that now behave like regular windows.
  • New themes.
  • Support for bookmarks:

  • URLs in comments or strings are clickable.
  • jControlsFX library was updated to latest version of ControlsFX.
  • Gzip compression for server responses (Server.GzipEnabled).
  • DosFilter - A filter that helps with protection against denial of service attacks.
    srvr.AddDoSFilter("/*", Null)
    See this link for more information: http://www.eclipse.org/jetty/documentation/9.4.x/dos-filter.html

  • RadioButtons added with the designer are grouped automatically based on their parent.
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Download link: www.b4x.com/b4j/files/beta.exe
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Hello Erel,

thanks for the new B4J-Version! :)

It seems, that the WPF-Controls license-file is missing:

Greetings ... Peter


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thanks for your fast reply!

Now the download-link in your posting above is pointing to a 404-Page.


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Now everything works like a charm! :)

Thanks a lot for your fast support & Greetings ... Peter


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When I open the designer, I get the following error:

reference to an object not set to an instance of object (free translation from Italian)


Ed Brown

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DOS Filter and GZIP are very cool features in this release - many thanks.
The number of features that get added into each release for each IDE and the regularity of the releases that comes out is just amazing for one guy...there is just one 'Erel' right?