B4J Question B4JPackager11 looses jawtRobot RobotPaste functionality

David Meier

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I am using jAWTRobot and RobotPaste.

The generated .jar file pastes a copies strings correctly. After packaging with B4JPackager11 pasting no longer works.

The used file AutoPaste.jar is from the example from ThRuST

Thanks for any help!

PS: Cannot upload the build files from the packager because they are to big
I attach the jason though, just delete suffix .txt


  • autopaste_conf.json.txt
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  • AutoPaste.jar
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David Meier

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There are apps that won't run with Java 11 and therefore one should not use B4JPackager11 -> test that out carefully. It can be that you have a different active JRE than JDK though! Keep attention here, check in the console and launch the .jar file from the console with Java 11 to be sure.
Command for checking Java:
/usr/libexec/java_home -V

If the app is not running with Java 11 then
use B4JPackager instead (keep in mind that most probably the user needs to install the created installer in administrator mode)
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