B4A Library [B4X] B4XLib Template and Necessary Files

The attached files are all together a template to create b4xlibs on the run. It is a ".b4xtemplate" file, a "bat-files.zip" which contains three ".bat" files (unzip them and right click --> open with notepad to edit if needed as mentioned here later) and a manifest.txt example. All you have to do is Ctrl+Click some IDE hyperlinks. It takes all the "Files" folders from all three IDEs and all bas files that are common and adds them to a zip which it opens in WinRar. It goes without saying that WinRar has to be installed. When WinRar opens you delete the non necessary files for the b4xlib and you close it. Then you click the hyperlink to move it to {Additional Libraries Folder}\B4X. Opening the bat files in Notepad you can easily understand what they do. You will need to modify in b4xlibcreate.bat the path to WinRar if it is different than the original. Also I have all three .bat files in folder "C:\B4X\MyCode" and this is where the IDE hyperlinks are looking for them. If you want to put the bat files in a different folder then you will need to change the path in IDE hypelinks in B4XMainPage in the ".b4xtemplate". Also you will have to create a manifest.txt (an example is attached) in the folder where all the common .bas files are (that is in the parent folder of folders B4A,B4i,B4J). Please also note that the ".b4xtemplate" has to go in folder {Additional Libraries Folder}\B4X.


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