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Happy Hearts Day is another name for St. Valentine's Day which is celebrated annually on February 14 - coming soon.
It has become a significant cultural and commercial celebration of romantic love and and affection for friends in many regions of the world.
I was born in an area where it was not celebrated. When I moved to Canada as a teenager, I had to adjust.
At first I was resistant, "expressions of love should not be confined to one day". But resistance was futile.
Flowers, sweets, heart symbols, and messages of affection are central to Happy Hearts Day.


The App:
1. The flowers are shown. A honey bee flies around and settles on one flower, then flies back to the hive. The user is asked to touch the sweetest flower
(which is the one the bee chose of course - if another flower is touched, "not the sweetest" is shown, and you can pick another one)

2. The next screen shows two animated hearts merging into one
(The hearts exit stage right)

4. A quote about love from a famous person is shown

5. Exit or pick a fresh bunch of flowers

In the past, at this time of year, I have posted pieces of this project. Here I have combined them and added the animated bee and famous quotes.
The app is innocent and cute and my partner likes it, but it may be too cute for some.
You are free to use or modify it for your own non-commercial purposes.

Technical notes:
1. It is B4XPages project and works on B4J and B4A. On smaller phones the font size might be a bit small.
2. All images are drawn with B4XCanvas. Curves are mathematical formulas, not captured images.
3. A lot of randomness is introduced to keep the experience novel
(#flowers, shapes, colors, stems, flightpath of bee, heart animations, and selection of quote).
4. Animations are mostly driven by Sleep() - the hearts animation uses one timer.
5. Even though it is B4XPages, it works in landscape or portrait, depending how the user holds the device when the app starts.
6. In a post of the beating heart a few years ago, I had a sound effect, which I found a bit creepy, so I removed it.
7. The code is compact but I did not spent much time optimizing it. With my comments, the number of lines is just over 1000.

Comments are welcome.


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