Android Question [B4X] CLV with CLVdragger always numbered in progressive order


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Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to number items according to the index.
Using Clvdragger I would like to make sure that once moved items remain numbered in progressive order.

For example:
(2 Label: number and Item)
1 Item#01
2 Item#02
3 Item#03

If I move the Item#03 to the position number 1 this is the result:
3 Item#03
1 Item#01
2 Item#02

but I wish it were:
1 Item#03
2 Item#01
3 Item#02

Can anyone tell me how can I make sure that they are always numbered according to the index?


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Done (attached the example project here).

Note. Modified a little that CLVDragger class:
'v1.11 lm
'    Renamed "list" to "xCLV".
'    Renamed "pnl" to "pnlMoving".
'v1.10 lm
'    Added ItemMoved(OldIndex As Int, NewIndex As Int) event.
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