B4A Class [B4X][class] CLVDragger - drag to reorder items

This is a class module for B4A from modified Erel's B4J clas CLV Dragger from this thread: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/solved-class-modified-b4j-class-clvdragger-for-b4a.120358/

- Call dragger.SetDefaults(width, backgroundColor, textColor) Since it is used on the phone with fingers to drag and move, I thought it will be good to be able to set the "dragger" width, background color and text color.
- Call dragger.AddDragButtons to add the drag button.
- Call dragger.RemoveDragButtons to remove the buttons.

Depends on XUI , xCustomListView (1.72+) and Reflection library

See attached example and a class module file:


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I don't recommend using xCustomListView class, use xCustomListView library. Otherwise, many other custom views that depend on the library will fail.
Well, as you can see in an example I posted, I am not using xCustomListView class - I am using an internal xCustomListView library (v1.72)


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My mistake. I got confused because of the project name. Sorry.
No problem I was just using this example project as an example and added CLVdragger class to it. I should have changed the name of the project maybe.