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    I created a module that makes it easy to communicate with a Firebase RealtimeDatabase using their REST API.

    The Module is attached to this post and only needs HTTPUtils2(iOS) to work, it should also work in B4A and B4J without a problem.

    Example Code:

    Dim DB As FirebaseRealtimeDatabase
    Wait For DB_DataBaseCommunicationComplete(ResponseData As Map, RequestTag As String)
    If ResponseData.IsInitialized Then
    'Do your stuff
    Msgbox("Something went wrong!","Oops...")
    End If
    Please Note: This is, by far, not best practice because it ignores a lot of features and advantages of the realtime database but for simple and small projects that just need a basic back-end it is usable and it works.

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  2. Sasuke Sama

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    Finally been waiting for it forever now thank you
  3. DonManfred

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  4. Sasuke Sama

    Sasuke Sama Active Member Licensed User

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