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i needed a solution to send/receive emails from a b4j app. i didnot wanted to use SMTP so i created my own client. It is using PHP, MySQL and B4j. You can use it using a simple web hosting (even shared hosting). All is needed is a PHP, MySQL support. You can even create a LAMP server on your Raspberry Pi and use this solution.


MC Email Client is a b4x solution for sending/receiving emails. If you wanted to send mails until today you would have need to setup an SMTP account inside your app. This solution has some disadvantages like putting your email account and password inside the app or getting blocked if the server detects unusual traffic. With MC Email Client it is different. You setup for each user an account and all calls to the DB are done from b4x to PHP and then to MySQL database which is more secure.

In this Package you get:
  • 1x Full B4x App (Desktop, iOS, Android)
  • 1 x Desktop Application
  • PHP Files
  • Instructions

Many tasks can be learned from this Project like how to make calls to a PHP file, how to use b4x Pages, xCLV, Sqlite, HttpJobs,...

Skill level needed: Easy-Medium

If you like you can purchase the whole Project from here for a special Price:




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