Android Tutorial [B4X] xCLV + PreoptimizedCLV + BCTextEngine


This example uses PreoptimizedCLV to create a list of BBCodeViews.
In most cases it will be simpler to create a single BBCodeView, as BBCodeView is scrollable. However there might be some use cases where it makes sense to put the BBCodeViews in a list.

It depends on BCTextEngine v1.77+ (
And PreoptimizedCLV:


- As the BBCodeViews are reused it will not be trivial to add inner views.
- In B4J and B4i, the list width is expected to be kept constant.
- The list is a bit jumpy in debug mode. Should be smooth in release mode.


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Thanks Erel, I am just wondering if the example is missing a file for the B4A example?

It complaints for BBCodeCLV-B4A\B4A Samples\Objects\b4xlibs\Files\b4xinputtemplate.bal'.