B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] AS Placeholder View V0.2 BETA

First, i spend a lot of time in creating views, some views i need by my self, but some views not and to create a high quality view cost a lot of time. If you want to support me, then you can do it here by Paypal. :)

This is a B4X variant of the 50 shades of lib. for android.

This is a beta, because i only test it on B4A, but the code is B4X, it can have bugs on B4I or B4J.

The View need a "Parent" with the views you want to have a shape, the placeholder create a shape of this layout.

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Property "Automatic Layout Duplicate" = False

Author: Alexander Stolte
Version: 0.2 BETA

  • ASPlaceholder
    • Functions:
      • Class_Globals As String
      • DesignerCreateView (Base As Object, Lbl As Label, Props As Map) As String
        Base type must be Object
      • getAnimation_Duration As Int
      • getAnimation_Type As String
      • getANIMATION_TYPE_NONE As String
      • getBackground_Color_Of_Shape As Int
      • Hide As String
        Stops the animation
      • Initialize (Callback As Object, EventName As String) As String
      • IsInitialized As Boolean
        Tests whether the object has been initialized.
      • Placeholder (ParentView As B4XView) As String
      • setAnimation_Duration (Duration As Int) As String
      • setAnimation_Type (Animation As String) As String
      • setBackground_Color_Of_Shape (Color As Int) As String
      • setBackground_Color_Of_Shape_Array (Color As Int()) As String
      • Show As String
      • Start As String
      • Stop As String
    • Properties:
      • Animation_Duration As Int
      • Animation_Type As String
      • ANIMATION_TYPE_NONE As String [read only]
      • ANIMATION_TYPE_TRANSITION As String [read only]
      • Background_Color_Of_Shape As Int
      • Background_Color_Of_Shape_Array

If you have bugs or new features, then write a comment ;)

If you like my work, then spend me a coffe or two :)

Change log:
- V0.1 BETA

  • Beta Release
- V0.2 BETA

  • Add Property "Automatic Layout Duplicate"
  • Add Background_Color_Of_Shape_Array
  • BugFixes
Have Fun :)


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