B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] AS Swipe Card - a tinder like swipeable card view [Payware]

Hello Community,

This library is not free, because, it cost a lot of time and gray hair to create such views.
Donations from 7€ are valid. (You can donate any amount you want :))
Please write SwipeCard in the order description, thanks.

or buy it now directly
Thanks for your understanding. :)

This library is compatible and tested with B4A,B4I and B4J!
If you have bugs or a wish then tell me it in the comments.

  • cross-platform compatible
  • enable or disable events
  • add and remove cards
  • scroll to cards
  • animations
  • swipe with fingers
  • and more...
Bildschirmaufnahme 2020-05-06 um 19.47.082.gif

On B4J and B4I you need a base panel, only this way the events can be triggered by your other control elements, see the example projects to learn more.

Author: Alexander Stolte
Version: 2.00

  • ASSwipeCard
    • Events:
      • BaseResize (Width As Double, Height As Double)
      • IndexChanged (index As Int)
      • LazyLoadingAddContent (Parent As B4XView, Value As Object)
      • ReachEnd
      • SwipeStateChange (state As Int)
      • SwipeStateChanged (state As Int)
    • Functions:
      • AddCard (xpnl As B4XView, Tag As Object) As String
      • Base_Resize (Width As Double, Height As Double) As String
      • Class_Globals As String
      • Clear As String
        Clears all cards
      • Commit As String
      • DesignerCreateView (Base As Object, Lbl As Label, Props As Map) As String
        Base type must be Object
      • getBase As B4XView
      • GetCard (Index As Int) As B4XView
      • getCardBackground As B4XView
      • getCurrentIndex As Int
      • getLazyLoadingExtraSize As Int
      • getSize As Int
      • getTag (Index As Int) As Object
      • IniParent (parent As B4XView) As String
      • Initialize (Callback As Object, EventName As String) As String
      • IsInitialized As Boolean
        Tests whether the object has been initialized.
      • NextCard (swipe_state As Int)
      • PreviousCard (swipe_state As Int)
      • RemoveCard (Index As Int) As String
      • setCurrentIndex (index As Int) As String
      • setLazyLoadingExtraSize (ExtraSize As Int) As String
      • SwipeState_BOTTOM As Int
      • SwipeState_LEFT As Int
      • SwipeState_NEUTRAL As Int
      • SwipeState_RIGHT As Int
      • SwipeState_TOP As Int
      • SwipeStateRandom As Int
    • Properties:
      • Base As B4XView [read only]
      • CardBackground As B4XView [read only]
      • CurrentIndex As Int
      • LazyLoadingExtraSize As Int
      • Size As Int [read only]
  • SwipeCardItems
    • Fields:
      • IsInitialized As Boolean
        Tests whether the object has been initialized.
      • Tag As Object
      • xpnl_cardbase As B4XView
    • Functions:
      • Initialize
        Initializes the fields to their default value.
  • 1.00
    • Release
  • 1.01
    • Add Designer Property: EnableLeftRightSwipe -Enabled or Disabled the swipe gesture for left and right swiping
    • Add Designer Property: EnableTopBottomSwipe -Enabled or Disabled the swipe gesture for top and bottom swiping
  • 1.02
    • Add Event "SwipeStateChange" - Triggers when the card is moved with the finger in one direction e.g. LEFT,RIGHT,TOP,BOTTOM or NEUTRAL
    • Event "SwipeStateChanged" - Triggers now only when the user has released the card
    • Add Clear - clears all cards
  • 1.03
    • get CurrentIndex is now readable
  • 1.04
    • Add Designer Properties - If true then the previous card is shown as next card if you swipe in the right direction
      • SwipeLeft2Previous
      • SwipeRight2Previous
      • SwipeTop2Previous
      • SwipeBottom2Previous
  • 1.05
    • BugFixes for the Features of V1.04
  • 1.06
    • BugFix
  • 1.07
    • BugFix
  • 1.08
    • Add Designer Property Rotation - activates or deactivates the rotation during the movement
      • Default: True
  • 1.09
    • BugFixes
  • 1.10
    • Designer BugFixes
  • 1.11
    • BugFixes
    • Base_Resize is now Public
  • 2.00
    • Add Designer Property LazyLoading - activates lazy loading
      • Default: False
    • Add Designer Property LazyLoadingExtraSize - How many pages to load in advance
      • Default: 5
    • Add Event LazyLoadingAddContent - Add here your layout or views
    • Add get and set LazyLoadingExtraSize
    • Add Commit - Triggers the LazyLoadingAddContent event
      • Call this after you have added the cards
Have Fun :)
@Alexander Stolte


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No? The 2. zip file is the lib.
I downloaded and unzipped it, it shows version 2.0. Also the .bas file is V2.0


This is what I'm seeing in my library in B4A, I also don't have the designer options for SwipeLeft2Previous as well.
I'll try to download it again.


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I just send donation via paypal 7 + 1, I hope the lib still available. Thanks