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I've been able to produce several cross platform apps already but there wasn't a large UI component to them so sorry for this beginner question. It's my understanding that a combobox represents a dropdownlist and a textbox, I have tried to read the postings on the topic and I have downloaded quite a few examples but I can not find the property to set or what to do exactly to make the combobox act like a windows or Xwindows combobox. I assume this is something I'm not getting but how do I to this ? I've seen the XUI example with the swift button and the search view but is this how it is done? Seems quite a round about way of doing it...

Please don't flame me, I'm trying to learn


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B4XComboBox is based on Spinner in Android and ActionSheet in B4i. Both "views" let you choose an item from a list of items and nothing else. If you need a different behavior then you need to use a different thing. Maybe B4XDialog with the search template.