B4J Tutorial [BANano] Capture webcam, microphone, screen

BANano 2.38+ contains a new library: BANanoMediaRecorder which allows you to capture video, audio or the screen (depends on the browsers what is allowed!)


The zip contains the source code if you want to make changes to the lib itself. It is a good example on how easy it is to do rather complex things like this with BANano.

A project using this library must run on https, with valid credentials.

I have included a 'theoretical' B4J server project to receive the recordered data, but I haven't been able to test it as it also requires some credentials too, but on another port. I currently receive an credentials error in the browser when uploading (may be updated in the future when I got it working).

Some demos:

Webcam (set to only do video)

ScreenCapture (does not work on a mobile as no browser supports this yet)

If it doesn't work, check in Windows Settings - Privacy if you have allowed apps to access your camera/microphone. Although you may give consent in your browser, these two parameters seem to override it anyway.


BANano can be downloaded here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...library-with-abstract-designer-support.99740/

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