B4J Question [BANano] Clearing Builder Folder Contents on each Run??


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Hi there

I just need to confirm something. I'm building an app that uses an sqlite db via PHP, so the db will be created if it does not exist or use the old db if it does not.

As I am testing my app im adding stuff to the db so that i can finish my cycle, write my code, debug and rub my app again over and over again. I will add more tables to my database as I go along and the cycle continues.

Now each time I build my BANano app, its like everything on the build folder gets erased as when I start my app again, the contents of the db I had are no longer there. I could be wrong but is this the case? For example

If so, may I request that a setting is added to BANano to tell it that "we are still debugging so please dont clear the build folder contents?" and when we are building a release for release then turn the setting "OFF", it rebuilds our final version that we can upload to our web servers? It could be something like...

BANano.TranspilerOptions.ClearBuildFolder = True / False