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    A better tutorial: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/banano-v2-2-b4j-abstract-designer.101544

    In version 1.11+, you can create BANano libraries. This improves the cluther of files in your project.

    Note: this does not (yet) use the new library system @Erel introduced yesterday with the .b4x.zips!

    How it works:
    Write your code as normal. Everything but the 'main' module will be included in the library. Instead of using the BANano.Build() method, you use the BANano.BuildAsLibrary() method.

    Procedure to make a lib is quite simple (order is somewhat important as step (1) also makes a .jar file, which you should ignore).

    1. Run your project in Release mode: it will generate the BANAnoLeaflet.js and a BANAnoLeaflet.dependsOn files
    2. Compile your project 'To Library' in the B4J IDE. The name of the lib MUST be the same as the project name of the library (*)

    Using the new lib:

    1. Copy all 4 files (.jar, .xml, .js, .dependsOn) to your B4J Additional Libraries folder
    2. Add the new library to your application

    I think this is a rather elegant solution and of course, your 'real' project using the library is a lot cleaner.

    @Kiffi had a great suggestion on class and library naming. I strongly advice you to follow this as it will decrease the chance of having incompatible BANano libraries!

    1. Name your classes according to this scheme BANano[JsLibName][JsClassName]
    2. Name your library BANanoJsLibName

    For example, you make a library 'GoogleMaps':

    Classes/modules in your lib:
    Name of your library project (and jar, xml, ...):
    This will make it a lot easier for everyone to identify a BANano library among all the other B4J libs and it will avoid having two libraries having the same class names and (maybe) interfering with each other.

    The Leaflet library of @Kiffi shows a great example of this principle.

    I can only hope more forum users get enthusiastic enough to build BANano libraries and share them with the community. So Let's all go BANanos! :D

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    When? Where?
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