B4J Tutorial [BANano] Exploring Using PHP & SQLite for your WebApp

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    UPDATE: BANanoSQLite now available for actual sqlite db file CRUD functionality.

    This is part 1 of a series of my explorations using SQLite as a backend to a BANano app. I need a way to persist the data to a database, but thought of a serverless database for now.


    1. Create the SQLite database using Php (i.e inline php)
    2. Create tables
    3. Insert records
    4. Update records
    5. Delete records

    Ok. First things first, I came across this youtube. Me thinks this possible. Me try do this with BANano.

    1. Create the SQLite database using Php.

    I am using Xamp for my webserver but any would do. Edit your php.ini and uncomment this line

    by removing the ; infront of it. With xamp this is easy as clicking config and then selecting php.ini opening the default editor and then changing the content [for this line]

    I found the following line also uncommented, anyway

    So the code to create the database is...

    Sub BANano_Ready()
    Dim res As String = BANano.CallInlinePHPWait("openSQLite", CreateMap("Name"$"${AppName}.db"$))
    End Sub

    #if PHP
       function openSQLite($Name) {
           $db = new SQLite3($Name);
           if(!$db) {
          echo $db->lastErrorMsg();
       } else {
          echo "Opened database successfully\n";
    #End If
    Where the AppName is the name of your database e.g. mashy.

    Attached is the source code to create the db. It echos the result on the console as I dont have any controls in my page.

    Next inline will be table creation.

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