B4J Library [BANanoLocalBase] : Learning & Understanding the BANanoPromise


Disclaimer: Please note BANano has its own amazing internal wrap of IndexedDB named BANanoSQL. You don't need to use this in your projects, its purely for learning and understanding exercise for the BANanoPromise and has far more limited functionality.


This is a wrap of this github: https://github.com/dannyconnell/localbase

This has been done purely to learn and understand the BananoPromise and how to implement it in wrapping a library. LocalBase partially works like Googles FireBase, but for IndexedDB.

The output is on the console.log.


PS: This helped me answer some questions I had about promises and also enhanced my understanding. Perhaps it can help you too. ;), and there are no intentions at all to expand it further than what it is, because its a learning exercise.