BANanoVuetifyAD3 - Contact Manager WebApp featuring MySQL + jRDC2 (no PHP)


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First, thanks to everyone and each of our sponsors and donators who has made this possible. This would not be possible without B4X and BANano. Many thanks to those intellects.

Over the past few months we have been attempting to ensure BANanoVuetifyAD3 works very well with jRDC2. We have done it again!

With that said...

We have always been confident that creating beautiful and amazing WebApps with BANanoVuetifyAD3 is rewarding and possible.

Using the power of the Abstract Designer

So, we earlier ran some tests on the BANanoServer and jRDC2

Then, released as part of the BANanoVuetifyAD3 BANanoServer Kitchen Sink, an Animals CRUD WebApp

And now we are releasing the Contact Manager WebApp, running on port 55056 with MySQL backend using jRDC - definitely no PHP.

In preparing for this, we created a New Form Builder Methodology - so that one can create forms easily using the VField and VForm.

And this takes out a lot of BindVueElement / BindState calls as the VForm us just 1 object, you only bind it and its children are bound automatically.

These were linked to the DataSource & DataTable and also child components events were trapped to ensure a well oiled machine.

And, to help others code using BANanoVuetifyAD3, a Learning Channel was established, here in the forum.

Whilst it takes time and resources to do all these, we gave our Telegram Channel Members the ICT Manager Web App source code for free, besides the many things we push here available freely.

And now are sharing this awesome DonationWare project.

Have fun and enjoy.

Kind Regards

Anele Mbanga