1. G

    Android Question [B4A] Cannot connect to database

    Hello there, Can anyone help me? i tried to use b4a to mysql with b4j jRDC and show this error ResponseError. Reason: Failed to connect to /, Response: ERROR: Failed to connect to / The IP Addresses is...
  2. Melek

    Android Question Placing images in xCustomListView from apache server using mysql logs

    Hello, as the title indicates, I am seeing some examples of xCustomListView, but in the case of placing the images, it seems they only use the ones stored in the "File.DirAssets", I have seen the example of obtaining data from mysql and it works for me, but not I manage to put the images in the...
  3. demonio_jack

    Android Question JdbcSQL and SQL are compatible?

    Hello everyone: Today I have a fairly specific question: Are the JdbcSQL and SQL libraries compatible or not? I have been developing an app (android) using JdbcSQL, as recommended, and connecting to a MYSQL server without any problem. However, for a few days now, I have wanted to add to my...
  4. Mashiane

    B4J Library [BANanoConnect] BANanoSQL+SQLite+MySQL+MSSQL Library

    Ola For a while I have been exploring backend connectivity using BANano for BANanoSQL, SQLite, MSSQL and MySQL. The purpose of this lib is for a one place for all your connectivity with these backends. This library as a couple of class utilities for connecting to BANAnoSQL, SQLite, MSSQL and...
  5. saeed10051

    B4J Question Inserting data to online mysql database

    i am trying to insert data to my online database using following php script <?php $conn = new mysqli("", "3373050_restaurant", "abc123", "3373050_restaurant"); if ($conn->connect_error) { die("ERROR: Unable to connect: " . $conn->connect_error); } echo...
  6. J

    Android Question How to Insert any rows from XcustomListView to mysql table

    Dear All, please helm me for this case.. I have already displaying data from MySQL table into xcustomlistview panel, next on the Xcustomlistview will be added data (the number of order items) and will be inserted in to the other MySQL table (table name "salesorder") please help me... :)
  7. saeed10051

    Android Question How to get an array using okhttputils2

    I am using following php script and it is returning an array to me. How can i get the data out of this array as i am using j as httpjob, but httpjob does not have a get array type of method. $result = $conn->query("SELECT * FROM menuitems"); if ($result->num_rows > 0) { $rows = array()...
  8. demonio_jack

    Android Question Installing B4A App with MySQL

    Hi everyone!!! This is my very first time in B4A and trying to install a small app with MySQL. It's work in debugging environment... but when I compile it to install in a android phone, fail. I'm not sure what I have to do, I've seen a lot of videos and posts but I haven't found "the procedure"...
  9. A

    Android Question Load Mysql table into B4XTable

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to load Mysql database table data into B4XTable by using JRDC2. I can print results in logs. But the data is not showing in B4XTable columns it shows table empty. Anyone can explain how to load result rows into B4XTable? Thank you.
  10. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question Put SQLite BLOB into MySQL BLOB using PHP

    I have an app that stores an image in a SQLite BLOB and happily retrieves and displays it in a form. However I need to push that up to a PHP Webserver and store it in the corresponding MySQL BLOB field. Do I have to retrieve the BLOB, store it locally as a file then Post it to the Server for...
  11. P

    B4J Question mysql resultset to xml

    So I'm most likely just being a bit thick today but i can't get my head around how to get this to work; The aim being to have an xml builder populated from a database. 'Handler class Sub Class_Globals Private mreq As ServletRequest 'ignore Private mresp As ServletResponse 'ignore '...
  12. P

    B4J Question String parse

    Hi Everyone! Gotten stuck trying to receive some data from a post request and put it into a database, I get data like this; 'PIRTIMEOUT 001306894=5000' I need to put the 5000 (**** in the code)part into the database the other number being the device number (Num, in the code) it has to go...
  13. KMatle

    Other jShell: MySQLDump.exe (does not work) vs. batch file (works)

    I'm trying to use jShell to run MySQLDump.exe to dump a database: DumpDB.Initialize("DumpDB","C:/xampp/mysql/bin/mysqldump.exe" , _ Array As String("-u root","-pxxxxx#","dbname","> ", "C:\xampp\htdocs\enctrans\Dumps\test.sql" )) It fails with: When I start a batch file via jShell...
  14. Melek

    Android Question Connect Mysql Library Hello, I was following what Erel published, but I do not know how to do it with Shared Web Hosting, for example with Hostinger. I have the Mysql database there, and I activate Remote Mysql for that...
  15. Melek

    Spanish Problema con Webview

    Hola, soy nuevo en B4A, alguien me puede ayudar con el control de WebView, en una pagina web que muestro, hay imágenes y videos, que los videos si cargan, pero no funcionan los controles como el de pantalla completa. Saben si hay alguna forma? Ademas los botones no me funcionan, eso lo note en...
  16. trejocode

    Spanish [RESUELTO] OkHTTPUtils2 - MySQL Bloqueante

    Hola, tengo un problema es que no alcanzo a comprender del todo como "Bloquear" una petición HTTP por que utilizo Wait For (Resumable). Miren el caso: Selecciono mis elementos de mi base de datos local, y luego envío los datos a una API pero no se envían de forma apropiada por que, como es un...
  17. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANano] MySQL CRUD with PHP - Part 3.1 (A look an inline PHP)

    Ola NB: The code here explains the use of parameter based queries for CRUD I have been exploring MySQL with BANano, this was previously done using external PHP files and thus using .CallAjax BANano Calls. This was explained in [BANano] MySQL CRUD with PHP - Part 1 [BANano] MySQL CRUD with...
  18. 3

    Android Question mysql connection problem

    Hi I'm trying to connect to my sql server from android. I am at the beginning, that is, with the connection and I am already at rest I wrote this with my credentials but it never initializes Sub Button1_Click Dim db As MYSQL Dim L As List...
  19. 3

    Italian Errore connessione DB mysql

    Ciao sto tentando di connettermi al mio sql server da android. sono all' inizio cioè alla connesisone e già sono fermo- Ho scritto questo con le mie credenziali ma non inizializza mai Sub Button1_Click Dim db As MYSQL Dim L As List...
  20. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANano] MySQL CRUD with PHP - Part 2

    Ola Kinda excited that this is starting to form a shape. This second part of the tutorial deals with reading the users from the MySQL users table and then displaying them in a table. The first part we just did an intro into what we intend doing and showed how to 1. CREATE a user 2. READ a...