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This eBook is for those in a hurry to quickly create a crud application using the BVAD CRUD builder. The CRUD builder is a months old project that I did some time ago as it helped me to produce apps rather quicky, especially those that are CRUD intensive. It generates code that you can paste to your code module, link with your app by initializing the code module in pgIndex.AddPages and then adding a link to your Drawer.

Yes, this will work well with your Abstract Designs.

If you have clarity seeking questions, some section is not clear, please hit me up.


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Hi MashianeView attachment 115946, I would like to use these libraries but I don't understand why every time I update the library it gives me these errors.
Like you, I hate to see any warnings or errors in my browser debugging console (there is nothing like the feeling you get when you see a clean error-free console!). But we do not live and work in a perfect world. We do our best to trace, find, and fix any errors. But warnings can be even more tricky. In the case of "DevTools failed to load source-map" warnings, this comes from the "sourceMappingURL=" line in the foundational javascript file. If you go to the source javascript file that is referenced in the warning message and comment out ("//") the "sourceMappingURL=" line (usually found at the bottom of the script), the warnings should disappear. But, this has to be done at the B4J library level ... otherwise, that line for some reason seems to come back on re-compile (and even at the library level ... it may come back for some reason).

There are other ways to get rid of the "DevTools failed to load source-map" warnings (like turning on your "Selected Context Only" option in your browser's console settings) ... but those solutions are only band-aid cover-ups and can hide other warnings that are more important. But in this case, getting to the root cause and fixing it there is the best way to do this.

For the red error messages, some of these may be caused by undeclared/unbinded elements in your abstract designer and code.

I hope that helps ... and let's work together to clean our B4J/BANano/BAVD3 browser consoles. After all, there is nothing like a clean console in the morning!


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Could you please explain the pros and cons of using such builder compared to the vanilla Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio?


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Could you please explain the pros and cons of using such builder compared to the vanilla Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio?
I'm not sure I fully understand your question. MS Sql Management Studio is a tool to create databases, this thread however is for creating web apps that save data to databases esp mysql.


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When I read the PDF, I was under the impression that it could create the databases through the WebAPPs, I didn't read correctly that it could also create dialog boxes and UI as a built in webapps creation tool.

I'll look into this more. Thank you.