Android Example Beginner's Demo of B4XComboBox

Hi there,

Having asked a lot of questions on the forum and received very helpful responses, I thought I would try to give back a little bit!

I've seen several questions about the B4X Combobox, so I thought I'd have a go at writing a small demo for using this with lists and also with database. This was done to make sure I knew what I was doing with it, more than anything!

This demo shows how to fill a combobox from a List containing user types.

It also shows how to change the contents of a combobox as the result of a selection from another comboxbox - the classic Master-Slave or Key-Foreign Key problem which we often have to solve.

It shows this using Lists filled locally with data embedded in the code, and also using Lists filled using SQL calls to a locally stored database.

The commenting should provide an insight has to how I have done things, and I've used descriptive variable names, so hopefully people will get the hang of what's going on.

I am always open to the gift of criticism if anyone finds problems with the code!


Hope this is of use to the newbies out there.



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