Android Question Best current equivalent to B4i SMC and pages?


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I'm about to start work porting a B4i app back to B4A. Most of this should be fairly straightforward - I've already converted the core API handling stuff to be a cross platform class.

But what's the best solution - ie supported libraries, with a good chance of long term compatibility - to the Side Menu Controll and page model on iOS? I want to be able to have users swipe from one screen to another, but what happens when you swipe may depend on context - for example, if you have been looking at a list of users, and tap one to see their profile, then swiping to the right should take you back to the list of users. But if you're reading a conversation with someone, and swipe left, you should see their profile, and swiping right should take you to the conversation, not the list of users. So, this would seem to rule out a normal set of sliding panels, unless they can be re-ordered on the fly