iOS Question Block Cookies and/or Cookie Banner in Webview


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Hey there,

i´m struggeling with the Apple Approvement Team for using Cookies on an external Website. This Website is a booking-service written in PHP. If the Site is entered for the first time it asks about Cookies (as all sites do). Apple now wants me to implement App Tracking Transparency, which i did. If you chose to not allow app tracking, the booking service is not available, so far so good. But now Apple states, that i should not block services, just because app tracking is not allowed:
Your app appears to manipulate users into enabling tracking across different apps and websites. Specifically:

- Your app requires users to enable tracking in order to access your app's content and functionality.

Users expect to have control over how their personal information is used, and you should not force or manipulate them into enabling tracking.

I don´t know any further on this. My idea was about blocking cookies in the webview, so i don´t need this App Tracking Rubbish.
Maybe someone know if that is possible?

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