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My code is hideous and needs to be cleaned but I thought to post a demo here as many people want to know how to do these effects.
This is a demo that uses some trickery to create blurry effects that look quite good in apps (for e.g. etsy)
Can be used on slideout drawers, scrolling listviews etc.
Thanks to klaus, Informatix to help me figure out scaling issues.

EDIT: Added Sample project and library.
Sorry for the unclean and haphazard coding in the sample.
It uses one of my own libraries UIUtils for the bluronThread function.
It uses AcceleratedSurface library to scale the bitmap.
It uses Reflection library to setAlpha on the imageview.
It uses IME library just to hide the keyboard as I found it annoying.

EDIT2: Added another sample.
Uses the Navigation Drawer to progressively blur the background. Also better looking Drawer.
Second sample uploaded here:
(Too big for forum)


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