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Hello everyone,

*Starting off by thanking the one and only @Erel for making this possible for us!

Previously we have released the Hotel Management system :

To complete the cycle, we are almost finished developing the Booking Website System where users are able to book a room, view rooms, services, hotel information, contact us, etc...

Projects :

1- Website (B4J Web App)
2- Website manager (B4J Desktop App)

The project is built using :
1- B4J Web App
2- B4J Desktop App (Website manager)
2- Microsoft SQL Database / MySQL Database

*B4J Desktop App (Website manager) enables you to control the website information :
1- Images
2- Descriptions
3- Contact us information
4- Sliders
5- Control the rooms viewing order
6- etc...

Integration :
1- The website is database is the same database as the hotel management system to ease the integration.
2- All the booking information are sent to the Hotel management system
3- Rooms details, services, prices, etc... are synced between the website and the hotel management system.

The website contains :
1- Home page
2- About
3- Rooms List
4- Room Details
5- Booking
6- Services
7- Contact us
8- etc...

Project Release date : 14-12-2021 11:00 PM GMT 3+
Project Price : 25$

Purchase Link :

Website screenshots :


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Is it possible to complete the reservation by paying using Visa / Paypal or similar?
Is there a demo website that I can try?