1. sfsameer

    Free Source Code Prize (lottery #2)

    Helloooooo everyone :) Lets make the next 2 days great! ♥ We love every single one of you! because what's more important than family? ♥ So here is what we going to do : every one write down "B4XCode" below and we will use "wheel spin decider" after 2 days we will input every post number in...
  2. sfsameer

    Share My Creation B4XCode Material Kit

    Hello everyone :) *Starting off by thanking @Erel for making this possible for us ♥ We have started building an amazing Material Kit Library. Currently it contains 7 designs, but we are planning on reaching 400+ designs before the end of this year. Purchasing this library will give you ...
  3. sfsameer

    JRDC2 Interface - Remote Server Manager

    Hello everyone :) while we are working on the Skype & Twitch alternative project we had to modify the features of the JRDC2 a lot of times. and each time we did that we had to open the server, run CMD read the logs file, test the connections and the timeouts, and sometimes the JRDC2 was not...