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Hey! I will post 4 bugs in a row. in #2 #3 #4 there will be no "hi" then ;)

Since editing layout with the new designer i cant debug my widget any more -> Only when I change the typeface of the label to a private font - Please don't remove this function. It would be soooo useful! It only needs to be fixed

Especially because changing the label layout over code isn't possible

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It seems to be one...
If you load a layout with modified font into a widget an error will be shown. At least it is a wrong error message then :D

I saw many Widgets with custom fonts already... it has to be possible!? Or why doesn't Android allow this?
Maybe you could draw on a canvas the font... Do you think this will work?

Peter Simpson

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Hello @chrjak,
To use multiple font styles in my widget, I use a nice little rub routine that I created to turn text into a bitmap image ready for me to use in my widget. I saved the different fonts in my assets folder. When I needed to use a different typeface, I draw the selected font onto a Canvas, then returned that canvas as I bitmap ready for to use in my widget .

Public Sub Text2BMP(ImgText As String, OriginX As Int, OriginY As Int, font As String, FontSize As Int) As Bitmap
    BitmapTxtToImg.InitializeMutable(180dip, 40dip)

    Dim CustomFont As Typeface = Typeface.LoadFromAssets(font)

    Dim CanvasImage As Canvas
        CanvasImage.DrawText(ImgText, OriginX, OriginY, CustomFont, FontSize, Colors.RGB(0, 0, 0), "CENTER")
    Return CanvasImage.Bitmap
End sub